Sunday, February 08, 2015

Wow, it's been 3 years since I posted in here.

There has been a few changes since I last posted.  I moved house, me & Nadia still live in lovely old Tooting but we moved from our horrible old (cold) house to a much nicer flat in a little private hidden "estate" which doesn't make it feel like we actually live in London because it's so quiet.  It's really close (like a 2 minute walk) to Tooting Common too which is such a lovely place to go to when the sun is shining - plus we scattered my Grandad's ashes there and I like to go there to visit him if I'm having a hard time. This year I'm actually going to move again as me & Martin are moving in together, about time seeing as we will have been dating for 6 years this year, seriously where does the time go? 
I can't explain how I feel about moving, I hate moving as it's such a stress, packing and boxes everywhere is just so stressful and obviously me and Nadia have lived together for the last 7 years and I'm sad to be leaving but on the other hand I am so excited about living with Martin.  I am so over the long distance element of us, I don't know how we've managed to last the last 6 years on literally only seeing each other at the weekends.  I definitely don't want to move out of Tooting as I love living here. 

I also have a new job, still within nursing but I'm a "Nutrition Specialist Nurse", we do some really interesting things within the role and I've gained so many new skills.  I've been doing it for the last year and it was all off the back of my weightloss journey.  I feel really passionate about trying to help others, if I can do it blahblahblah and I wanted to go somewhere within the sphere of nutrition, I actually looked at doing some nutrition courses but the girl I work with was on the ward and mentioned they were recruiting a second post so I went for it and taadaa.  The transition from working on a ward to doing this role was really hard and I struggled at first tbh as having worked on my first ward for 6 years I could do the job with my eyes closed, it was easy and I knew it inside out so going to something brand new and in a new department was tough.  Having to learn stupid things like the fax number/codes for rooms/telephone numbers and meeting all the different people really frustrated me at times because it was like the really small things built up and I felt stupid having to ask for the number a billion times.  A year on though and I'm really really enjoying it.  Everyone within the team is amazing and so helpful.  I'm glad I went for it.

Reading back through the old posts on here has given me a new thought of motivation as I've put on some of the weight I've lost and I feel a bit blergh, I also have a really tough time sleeping and I think it's probably due to my diet.  I stopped drinking caffeine and I also think that helped, recently I've been drinking so much coffee but don't ask for decaf, I need to get back into that really as when I gave it up completely I slept so much better.  I'm still awake at 2am most nights and getting about 4 hours sleep which I would assume isn't helping to that blergh feeling.

Looking back at the old photos on here my hair has changed so much since the last photo! I can't believe how light my hair was and how blonde it was!  I've had it red since then and it's got much longer;

I got bored of the red though about 4 months ago and have tried to dye over it which was a right pain and no amount of brown dye got rid of it and it just ended up going auburn for ages until recently when I finally found one dark enough to cover it.  I really like being dark brown and it's so much easier to manage than the red which needed dying all the frigging time.  It's got even longer now though than the red hair and I love it.  You can do so much more with long hair;

 Looking at that photo reminds me that I probably should get some new glasses as I've still got the same ones from the photos in 2011.  Oops.

Okay, I will update this more often now I'm back on the healthy living kick.  I'm going to try and update it at least once a week so I can keep a track of my weight loss and just general life rambles.


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