Thursday, October 25, 2012

I've turned into one of those people that I always looked at and wondered how they managed to sit by themselves in a coffee shop, however I'm doing it today for the first time and it's actually quite interesting.  Lots of different people coming in and out.  it's quite relaxing, I'm sitting here with my laptop and a Slimming World magazine because I want to look through it and get some ideas for recipes for next week but also looking around and wondering what lives these people lead, because you know, I'm nosey.

Since starting the healthy eating kick last week I've been getting on really well and I have lost 7lbs, some of that is probably just my body adjusting back to not eating a shed load of crap but it feels good regardless.  I have done a few different days this time, before I just did green days but now I've mixed it up a bit and have done more red days than green which is nice as this could possibly solve my problem about having a low iron count, I think I ate red meat about 5 times last week, my doctor will be pleased. It also feels good that I haven't been eating as much bread/carbs as I usually did, doing green I always ate a lot of pasta and rice but this time it's been more vegetables than anything.  My favourite thing about red days is you can have a nice piece of lean juicy steak, yumyum, as long as there are no potatoes, or like a minimal amount of potatoes, that's fine though, I don't mind missing out on carbs right now.  Christmas is coming and I want to lose weight, badly.

Here are some photos of some dinners I've cooked recently:

Extra lean mince turned into burgers with half a baby bel on top and some home made coldslaw:

Mince & grave with veggies - proper winter warming food.

STEAK!!! this was lovely, and we roasted an onion as well which when roasted goes all sweet and yummy:

More pictures later on xx

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