Thursday, June 14, 2012

So, apparently according to this site I haven't posted here for about 8 or 9 months.  It doesn't feel like that long but the numbers do not lie.  I was having a self indulgent moment and reading back through my entries, some of them are proper cringeworthy but some of them really made me smile.  I guess that's why I started writing again as it's nice to have some memories to look back and read.

I'm currently sat out in my garden, this summer has been pretty crap, mostly rain, although yesterday and today were lovely and sunny.  I'm lucky that in my current job I work 4 days a week only and get Thursdays off, I'm currently sat out in my new garden enjoying the sun.  I really like the sun, something that has really only happened since I lost weight. 

A lot of things have happened since I last posted, my weightloss is still ongoing, I managed to lose a total of 9st 7lbs, I do fluctuate around 6lbs if I've been out for a nice weekend with the girls and I am currently about 6lbs heavier than I was when I got to the lowest weight but I'm not overly worried, I am still eating healthily, I've started going running (haha, yes, running) and my friend Jo showed me this fabulous app called 'Couch to 5k' which I've started doing.  I'm doing the Race For Life in July so I really want to do this so I can run some of it and really beat the times I did when I was fat.  I'm almost at the end of week two and that's got me running for 1.5 minutes and then walking for 2, it does it over a 30 minute period so hopefully at the end I'll be able to run 35 minutes non stop.  It is definately increasing my stamina.  I've started walking a lot more than I did too.  I think I want to start trying to tone up what I've lost.  My body is annoying and I always lose weight from my waist moreso than anywhere else, my hips are my biggest thing and my bum, but I've started doing weights and hula hooping to try and get them down a bit more.  I never thought I'd be one to actually enjoy exercise but I do enjoy it, mainly due to being able to see different results.

Things with me and Martin are still going strong, we celebrated our third anniversary back in April, we didn't do very much bar go for a meal because I've also moved house (yay) and I moved in April so I was SKINT.  I'm very grateful for having such a loving and caring boyfriend, yeah we have our ups and downs, but that's normal but he is a lovely lovely person and he always makes sure I'm happy and looks after me nicely.  We are in the process of looking for a nice holiday to go on in October.  I am always looking to the future and cannot wait for the time that he moves to London and we can be nearer to each other.  I don't mind having a 'long distance' relationship but it would be nice to get to see each other on more than just weekends or bank holidays.  Nothing beats that feeling of falling asleep in someones arms, and I look forwards to the day that I can do that everyday with him.

I think one of the biggest things that has happened to me since I last posted was that my Grandad was diagnosed with mesothelioma, which is a cancer of the lung.  He was starting to get short of breath a lot and one thing led to the other and he was diagnosed.  I'm very proud of my family as we've all pulled together and help out where we can.  He became poorly quite quickly and suffers all the time with shortness of breath and pain and his cancer started growning on the outside of his body.  He's currently living with my aunt at the moment as he got confused taking so many medications that he wasn't really well and stopped eating etc, now he's being looked after properly he's feeling better and looks better.  He just spent the last two or so weeks at my Mums and it was lovely being able to go over and spend quality time with him, I like being able to help him whenever I can because he looked after me when I was younger and spent time keeping me happy, so of course I'd like to return the favour to him.  I guess at times I find it incredibly sad that he got cancer, I was thinking earlier that all  my grandparents have died from unnatural causes, it kinda sucks really.  No point in thinking about the negative though, I'm really thinking that it's best to be positive and enjoy whatever time we have left with him and make his life as happy as possible, my grandad is such a lovely funny man, I really love him so much.

Right that's it for now, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine a bit more.  Ciao. 

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