Thursday, September 08, 2011

today i went shopping, i decided it was time to go out and buy a new coat as my old one is literally too big now and hangs off me like a carrier bag so because the cold is coming, and it is freezing out already off i went to buy one. last year i got my nice one from tesco's so i went there first, no decent coats. they literally had 3 coats in and that was it, poor. however i did find this beauty in there, it's so cute and will keep me nice and warm when it's freezing outside:

so i left tesco and then went to the second shop i wanted to go to, and that was a shop called surbiton sugarcraft as i have majorly got into baking cupcakes and cakes so i wanted to go there to get some cupcake boxes and cases etc, but when i got there the shop was closed due to 'emergency works'. how gay. i was annoyed at that point because that was two places that i was looking forwards to buying things. so i decided to go to kingston but on the way i did a u-turn and went to asda instead as i remember seeing a post on facebook recently about how asda have been doing a new cake range.

this is what i ended up buying in there. am well chuffed.

the reason i am so excited about the boots is because they are knee high and i could never wear them before, my legs were always too fat, but oh noooo, these go on nicely and are lovely and comfy, im in love.

i also bought from there red food colouring, black and silver cupcake cases and some purple and pink foil cupcake cases. they also have cupcake carriers in there now which is amazing. i bought two boxes which have spaces for 6 cupcakes in and then one pack of single holders. amazing. asda has loads of amazing cupcake things at the moment, i've tried to find some photos of them but there is none. boo. i shall have to take a picture of the ones i've got as soon as i can be bothered.

i've been quite productive today and cleaned the kitchen, and then i cleaned my room. me and nadia went swimming earlier on but there were 2 schools in there, so it was full of brats. we promptly left and came home, we're going back at 8pm so am currently cooking my dinner, jacket spud, mmmm. i shall be able to swim it all off later.

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