Sunday, September 04, 2011

So, I'm still going swimming regularly, am loving it, I don't dread getting in the pool in front of people now because there are people there that are much bigger than me and tbh I take off my glasses now so if anyone is looking at me, well I can't see them, sorted.

I've found this really good app for my iPod which documents how many lengths/metres you've swam and you can do challenges, such as swim as many lengths which would equal swimming the channel etc, I'm currently half way through that one. Am trying to go swimming twice a week at the minute however am going to try and go three times this week because I enjoy it that much, it's not a chore, it's very enjoyable, apart from when you get those idiot people who don't know the difference between slow/medium/fast lane and when you're not that fast they insist on splashing past you, very irriating. I might try and find myself some googles so when they do splash past I won't have to turn my head to stop the water from going in my eyes. I've also decided that I think I've drank about 2l of chlorine water, not good.

So yes, finally a kind of exercise that I really enjoy. It's also good for the old arms because you're using them all the time. I reckon that I've started to notice them looking a little bit more toned, but I'm not sure if that's just me or not.

This weekend was so awesome, on Friday I went down to meet Martin near his work as they were having a summer party, it was all free, they had ice cream vans, candyfloss, a bbq, bouncy castle, coconut shy etc etc, we got 2 free drinks (which sucked as I was driving) and I got to meet some of his work friends. Amazing, I thought it was lovely that his company had put on such a good event. We drove home around 930ish, stopping off at our favourite place (tesco - ha) where I bought a new muffin tin so I can make even better cupcakes. We got home around 1130 and I was shattered. On Saturday we were going up to Liverpool to surprise our friend Sophie for her birthday, she had no idea we were coming so when we walked into her house she screamed so loud, hehe, was a lovely surprise. We went into town and then onto a club where I drank so much alcohol but didn't manage to get the slightest bit drunk, which was rather random. We also ended the night as usual in McDonalds, gr. When I woke up this morning I felt rough literally from eating that shite but oh well. Today we went into Liverpool again and did some shopping, me and Mart made some lego figures that are meant to be us, hehe, they're so cute. Going to put them up in my room, the only problem with them was that they had no girls hair, so next time we go to Westfields I'm going into the Lego shop to get some girls hair, as I currently look like a boy ;) I'm dressed as a nurse in my blue work trousers and Mart decided to dress like he's out looting, haha like a hoodie. They're wicked, don't you think?

I'm going to make a food post tomorrow and post some of my yummy cupcakes that I made the other day, they were so nice, completely not for the diet concious though, but they were for a special occasion, keep your eyes out for my post :) xx

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